stealth sidemount wing

STEALTH Sidemount Wing

The STEALTH Sidemount wing, the CE certified STEALTH 2.0 Sidemount buoyancy device is made of heavy duty Cordura material and has a lift capacity of36lbs/16.5kg. It is worn on top of the harness around the lower back midsection of the diver and is removable even under water as it is not attached to harness in any way. This gives maximum safety diving in extremely small cave. The STEALTH 2.0 buoyancy device can be used as well by CCR Rebreather divers who wish to add more positive buoyancy in the lower back area.

stealth sidemount wing

It features the possibility to mount an inflator assembly on the left hand side and dump valve on the right hand side. The dump valve is located in the ideal position to facilitate deflation when in a horizontal position with minimal lateral trim change.

The shape is totally inspired by the divers body. From top to bottom is has a V shape to follow the divers body contour and maximize streamlining. The cross section is tear drop shaped so when inflated on the divers back it almost creates a perfect line from the shoulder blades to the top of the butt cheeks.

The sides and lower part of the STEALTH 2.0 buoyancy devicehave bungee cords to minimize the volume when deflated and generally help with deflation. They are also removable for divers that prefer buoyancy devices without bungee restrains.

There is a metal edged hole on each corner which is used to thread the bungee cord through to secure the buoyancy device to the divers body. One attachment is right under the sternum and one is passed through the crotch strap which gives maximum space for diaphragm breathing and avoids the buoyancy device to ride up when fully inflated on the surface.

The buoyancy device is designed with a flat base and the tear drop to inflate away from the divers back rather than inflate in both directions which avoids the squeezing effect of many buoyancy devices.