stealth sidemount harness

STEALTH Sidemount Harness

Our STEALTH Sidemount harness is patented, durable and a quality production signature ProTec Dive Center product. The CE certified STEALTH 2.0 Sidemount harness was designed by Patrick Widmann a ProTec Dive Center owner and Sidemount cave Instructor trainer. Each Harness is hand crafted in Europe to guarantee maximum performance and not a mass produced item.

stealth sidemount harness

The STEALTH 2.0 Sidemount harness has four integrated weight pockets in between heavy duty layers located on the back. Several velcro locked weight compartments, facilitate extremely to find a horizontal trim whether in wet or drysuit.

The back piece features four slots to secure the shoulder straps in different heights to give a perfect fit no matter how tall or short you are. To secure the straps you can use belt slides which makes adjustments a one minute thing. You literally change the size from a giant to a dwarf in less then 5 minutes.

As a waist strap any type of webbing can be used and there are the same three slots for perfect seizing.

The bottom has two holes which allows the attachment of the butt plate when using steel cylinders.

The Harness also features an attachment point on the upper half for the bungee cord that secure the tank valves in the armpits.

On the backside there is a SS belt slide which is used to attach the 2inch/5cm crotch strap.

As an option you can pick up your STEALTH 2.0 gear here at our ProTec Dive Center locations at ProTec Playa del Carmen or ProTec Tulum. We accept paypal, credit cards via paypal, cash and wire money transfer.

If you plan to do your sidemount training with ProTec Dive Centers or pick up your STEALTH 2.0 gear at our ProTec locations we offer a free gear adjustment workshop.

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