openwater sidemount instructor course

Sidemount equipment setup & configuration

List of equipment needed for Sidemount diver training


For sidemount teams:

  • First stages with a turret head and ideally a port hole on the top i.e.: Dive Rite 3000 or Apeks DST
  • 21inch/55cm to 30inch/75cm LP hoses depending on divers size
  • 90°elbow between hoses and second stage
  • Second stages that deliver from each side i.e. Apeks XTX50or from right tank a 40inch/100cm hose with a 90° elbow and another second stage that delivers from the right
  • 6inch/15cm or 9inch/23cm Hp hoses with bootless compact or standard SPG's
  • Stainless Steel (SS) clips or bungee necklace to secure second stages
  • 6inch/15cm or 9inch/23cm LPI hose

For mixed teams:

  • Same as above but right tank features a 7ft/2m long hose

Tank mounting:

  • SS hose clamps or cam bands with SS clips to secure lower end of the tank
  • Bungee Cord to secure tank valve close to the armpits
  • Modular Tank (left/right) valves are preferred with the orifices pointing towards the diver 

Primary Light:

  • Butt mounted primary light cannister is touching the thighs for maximum streamlining and to not add to the over all profile of the diver
  • Light canister can be secured with bungee loops to the crotch strap which enables the diver to remove and replace it easilyunder water

Back up Light:

  • Can be stowed in pockets, pouches or mounted on the helmet


  • Is used mainly as a third hand holding the light when laying line or surveying which makes it really only a must for diving very small cave or exploring
  • Crucial for protection when using a DPV in the overhead environment 

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