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The ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum and Playa del Carmen offer the highest standards and quality with the most complete cave diving, Sidemount diving and CCR Rebreather diving services available. Our professional staff awaits the opportunity to share the pleasures of Mexico's cave diving with you.

protec dive centers about us

Sidemount cave diving and Sidemount guiding, Cenote diving as well as Cenote tours, Cavern diving and Cavern guiding, Cave diving and Cave diver trainingCCR Rebreather cave diving, CCR Rebreather diving and CCR Rebreather diver instruction. CCR Rebreather support with tank rental, high pressure oxygen fills and 797 Sofnolime Co2 absorbent in stock at all times to dive equipment and CCR Rebreather sales, Technical diving courses including Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen fills as well as Instructor level training. We do it all. Please have a look at our Daily Rate price list to see the training programs we offer.

We continue to lead the market using cutting edge tools and techniques while combining them with solid team training practices and concepts and introduce our experience into the Riviera Maya which includes Tulum and Playa del Carmen. There are a number of good articles about the dives we do on our Blog. Please have a look.

The ProTec Tulum & Playa del Carmen Dive Centers are open year around since the year of 2001 in Playa del Carmen and 2011 in Tulum to the public offering diver support from dive gear rentals with a variety of tank sizes for rent, Sidemount gear rent and sales, DPV rental and CCR Rebreather support and rental to Halcyon, Light Monkey and X-Deep dive gear retail.


ProTec Tulum Dive Center →

Please have a look at the images in the slide show how the ProTec Tulum Dive Center is looking inside and out. Please swing by for a visit if you like to have a look personally or just like to have a hot cup of coffee on the house.
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ProTec Playa del Carmen Dive Center →

Air, Nitrox, 100% Oxygen to 3000 psi / 200 bar, Normoxic Trimix, Hypoxic Trimix, Hyperoxic Trimix and Heliox are all available for your open circuit or CCR Rebreather diving needs. Our mixing is accomplished by continous flow blending and partial pressure blending aided by our oxygen clean booster Pump to...
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Frequently Asked Questions →

Below you can see some of the questions we get asked frequently. If you have any questions please don't hesitate and send us an email to
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Image Gallery →

Enjoy some images from the area surrounding ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen and the beauty of the Cenotes and Caves of Mexico
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ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen Team →

ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen team consists of seven full time Instructors. Four are Technical Cave Instructors with Kim, Patrick, Matt and Rob. One is a Intro to Cave Instructor with Toro, Two are coming up to Intro Cave Instructor with Jaime and Lelle.
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ProTec Tulum
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Price List →

Included in these daily training rates are transport from dive store to and from dive site, Cenote entrance fees, any rental tanks needed breathing gases such as air, ean32 and oxygen for CCR Rebreather divers needed for particular training program, Co2 absorbent in CCR Rebreather related programs.
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Equipment needed for Sidemount diver training →

List of equipment needed for Sidemount diver training
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ProTec booking policy →

ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen look forward to working with all of our customers to make payments and deposits easy, to have quick and reliable communication, and to guarantee our services.  We understand that emergencies do happen and we give the benefit of doubt to our customers...
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